FKT: Marlin Weekley - Rock Island Trail (IL) - 2021-04-30

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10h 19m 7s

I began this unsupported out-and-back effort of the Rock Island Trail (IL) on 4/30/2021 at 7:32am. I completed the first leg of approximately 25 miles arriving at the northern terminus of the trail in Toulon, Il. at 12:19pm. I saved the outbound leg on my Garmin watch then restated it for the run back to Alta to complete the out-and-back run. It had been overcast and in the low 60F's for the first half. The sky clear and it warmed to the low 70s for the return. While the wind picked up it was mostly at my back or off to the side - not much direct head wind. I made stops for water on the return at the same place I used for the outbound effort - Wyoming and Princeville. I used Tailwind and DripDrop powder in my water for electrolytes and calories. I supplemented my liquid calories with Maurten gels and candy chews. I had been suffering from bad tendonitis in my left knee for months but had no issues with it during this entire effort which was a great surprise and relief. The one issue I had from about mile 40 to the end was pain/soreness in my right shoulder I blame on holding one of my bottles in my right hand all day. While the return leg was slower than the first leg as was expected but I had no physical or gear issues of any note. My wife and daughter were at mile marker 0 to welcome me back and congratulate me. Nice surprise. We took a few pictures then I explained that end/begin was really a few hundred feet further. I jogged to where the Trail apparently begins and stopped my watch. A great day and enjoyable run.