FKT: Marshall Burke - Buffalo River Trail (AR) - 2022-04-02

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 7m 25s

Great day out on the Buffalo River Trail.  Lots of rain this week so creeks were cranking.  Multiple shin-to-thigh deep crossings between Boxley and Ponca, and trail was a swamp in spots and lots of thorns.  Lost trail for a bit about halfway through this section, dropping too low.  Ponca to Kyles was drier.  Trail very runnable after the climb out of Kyles if you had the legs to run it (which I did less and less), but lots of down logs and some of section after Erbie was also a swamp.  Blew up a bit in last 5mi but hung on for the unsupported FKT.  Got water at Steel Creek, Indian Creek, and then a bunch of smaller streams after that - filter cap on Salomon flask is the way to go.  Thanks to my sweet parents for dropping me off and picking up at Pruitt. Would be cool to see how fast some elite bro could go on this.  Overall just a beautiful outing on trails I grew up near, fun to be back.