FKT: Martha Slocombe, Darci Smith - Oak Creek Trail (NE) - 2022-02-19

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2h 16m 42s
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Darci Smith and I, Martha Slocombe, set out to run the Oak Creek Trail from Brainard, NE to Valparaiso, NE this morning just after 8:30 a.m. It was about 12 degrees F outside, sunny and only a little windy. As we ran, it warmed up a few degrees, the sun stayed out, and the wind mostly stayed mild. We ran unsupported, carrying our water and food in running vests. We had a bit of trouble with our straws freezing up, but adapted on the fly. We didn't see a soul until we entered Valparaiso, where we were greeted by a guy and his dog. There was a part of the trail that was being worked on, but there was no one working on a Saturday, and we were able to maneuver our way through without incident. All in all, it was a beautiful February day and an enjoyable run!