FKT: Martin Mudry - Mt Adams (WA) - 2018-07-07

Route variation
South Climb ascent only
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
2h 47m 48s

Ski ascent.  From South climb TH to the summit (snow that builds up on top of the cabin). With little snow, I followed the hiking route that goes by/to the left of the Crescent Glacier, rather than the longer winter route which heads SE. 

Second time trying for a speed ascent involving skis on Mount Adams. Last year did just over 4 hours for the Ascent (TH to Summit- which I am counting as the snow that accumulates on top of the old cabin). This time on lighter gear and after having skied Baker twice two weekends before, and Adams twice the weekend before so well acclimatized. I was surprised to come as close as I did to Dan Kraft's old FKT (2:29) running given the extra gear and that he's a beast. Conditions were far from optimal- and I could see the ski ascent going close to the running FKT of 2:02 someday. I started skinning above the Cresent Glacier, though with firm snow and heavy sun cups this was a wash at being faster than booting. Once I got to the lunch counter (around 1:30) I switched to micro spikes on my boots and put the skis back on the backpack. I continued booting until the summit- jogging a bit from the false summit until the final ascent. I skied off the summit, and thought of doing 2x Adams today, but after waiting a while for the SW chutes to unfreeze, and then a much firmer and later sun cupped run down the chutes than I expected I was glad to be done and had no interest descending again on race skis. Last weekend's ski conditions were much better. Look forward to trying this again in late May/Early June where one could skin from the parking lot and make the skiing experience more relevant to the whole ordeal.