FKT: Matt Graham - Boulder Mail Trail (UT) - 2024-02-04

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
8h 17m 52s
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The Boulder Mail Trail is a classic Southern Utah backcountry route with mixed trail, canyons, and steep slickrock climbs. For the Escalante Grand Staircase this may be one of the more adventurous runs one can do. 

On the morning of February 4th 2024 I set out for an Out and Back effort to take some time off the current FKT set by Jeff Garmire in February of 2021. Im running this Unsupported with no food drops, caches, or outside help. Any water found is to come from creeks or slickrock pools. Running across this route can be grueling with steep climbs, and many sections are brushy twisty mixed sandy stretches. If that’s not enough there is a couple miles of creek slogging with lots of poison Ivy. The Terrain is breathtaking though, in more ways than one.

The first crossing to the Boulder Trail head felt great, and the return to Death Hollow canyon also felt pretty good. 22 miles into the run, was time to dig deep to keep on FKT pace to the finish. Appreciate Jeff Garmire for providing a solid time to chase. 8:17:52 took about 10 minutes off his previous FKT. Thank you Utah for a great run out there.