FKT: Matt Hoyes - Sheltowee Trace (KY) - 2014-07-02

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Just wrapped up the Sheltowee Trace (now extended further into Big South Fork for a total of 307 miles) in 8 days. Started Wednesday June 25th at Northern Terminus, finished Wednesday July 2nd at Leatherwood in TN (southern terminus). Was supported with 3-4 hookups throughout the day, gear shuttled for me, and only had to carry a small Nathan pack and two handhelds. Averaged about 38.5 a day. Here's my trip report:

Matt posted later (1/10/2018):

I don’t get on here hardly ever, but now I wish I did as there are some cool folks making fast attempts out there. That’s awesome! I tried to reply to the question about my total time but somehow just quoted an existing thread - not a tech genius for sure. My time was somewhere between 178-180 hours but that’s when it was 307 ending at Leatherwood Ford. Be on the look out for faster runners heading out there, as I know some really guys getting the itch. Any clear FKTs for supported and unsupported at its current length?