FKT: Matt Meredith, Clay Emge, Reid Foster, Seth Cooke, Jeff Mayhall - Natchez Trace Parkway (TN, AL, MS) - 2020-05-24

Route variation
point-to-point cycling
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
22h 37m 58s

Wow, what a day.  A group of guys from Tyler Texas set out to do this epic ride and the goal was to do it in less than 24 hours.  8 total guys rode, 5 of us completed the whole 444 miles of the Natchez Trace Parkeay, going from south to north.  It was a long day, about 150 miles in, there had been a rain storm up the road, this lead to super high humidity and heat when the sun came out.  A few guys were on the cusp of pulling the card and calling it a day and then we caught a break and it cooled off. We had a crew who helped with hydration and fuel.  We stopped every 40-50 miles to refuel and bathroom stops. We made it through the first big challenge.  Then at around 325 there was another storm and it was starting to get dark.  The storm was moving east and it had crossed our path but we could see the lightning from a distance.  We decided to take our chances with just over 100 miles left into the hills of Tennessee and darkness.  This is where we had a few extra stops with guys needing to wake up and get more fuel/alertness to finish.  We finished it and met our goal, total time under 24 hours!