FKT: Matt Moschella - Five Sisters Loop (NY) - 2021-03-21

Route variation
Standard Loop
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 51m 21s
GPS track(s)

My first time on this route. It was all over the place -- steep and super technical in places but gently graded and paved in others. Did not feel like anywhere close to 4000ft of vert to me. Perhaps this is due to the many minor elevation changes on the trail, with only one or two big climbs. Trail conditions were overall very good, a couple of spots of consolidated snow and ice, and a few muddy stretches though. Navigation is a bit tricky as there are a lot of unmarked side trails and the route even follows these unmarked trails a few times. Even the well marked turns seemed unintuitive to me, and I often had to stop to figure out where the trail went.

I started my clock at the noticeable sign for the AT/ Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail/ Major Welch Trail and stopped the clock at the map/bulletin board in front of the ice rink straight ahead as you come out of the woods on the last trail (see photos). There seems to have been some slight re-routes on the AT ascending Bear Mountain, which deviated slightly from the GPS track I was following. I always followed the white blazes going up Bear Mountain.