FKT: Matt Pacheco - Mount Tom (NE) - 2023-10-01

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2h 14m 42s

Mt. Tom is home to my first trails and always has been a local go-to, so happy to give this route a solid effort. Some really wet sections due to heavy rain a couple days prior. Temps going from high 50s to mid 60s, perhaps a touch on the warm side but pretty solid weather. Had about 14oz each of water and tailwind/electrolytes (115 cal), and a stroopwafel (170 cal). Getting slightly off-track on the ridge trail in both directions wasted some time, and on the return my climbing certainly could've been better in spots, particularly up Tom and Goat Peak. A good amount of people and dog dodging which always adds to the excitement. Slight injuries from one fall on flat and shouldering a tree. 

Didn't have a time goal in mind, just tried to run well and see where I'd end up. The last couple miles it seemed sub-2:15 would be something to aim for, and sprinted out the final road bit to get there. Speaking of road bits -- I wish this route was just the NET from Underwood to the reservoir and back, obviously the true meat of the journey. Back and forth from the bike path down the road and a basically flat 3-mile reservoir loop feel out of place and just don't add anything here except for comparably dull extra road+gravel miles. I imagine one could actually cut off a good chunk of time by being speedier on the reservoir loop, I kept it rather comfortable in the low 7's to conserve some energy.