FKT: Matt Palilla, Seth Wolpin - Around Mt Adams (WA) - 2013-08-14

Route variation
reverse lollipop
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
23h 16m 0s

Reverse Lollipop OKT: Matt Palilla and I set what we think is an OKT on 8/14/2013 running up Adams, back down, and then running around it. Total Elapsed Time: 23:16 hours starting from Cold Springs. This was unsupported, though we did cache stuff on the way up for the circumnavigation. 

We ran up in sneakers and with trekking poles, sticking to the rock as much as possible. We ran around the mountain counter-clockwise so we could navigate the no-trail section in the light. It was one of the hardest things I have done. Super fun though. Recorded with Delorme SE 2 way communicator and two flaky Garmin GPSs.

Total mileage covered by GPS's: 38.6 miles

Elevation gain: 14,261ft. Elevation loss: 14,261ft. Starting elevation: 5,561ft. Max: 12,289ft

Left Campsite: ~3:25am

Arrived junction with loop: 3:45am

Summit: 7:40am

Arrive Junction with loop, start circumnavigation 10:00 am.

Arrive Junction with Loop, finish circumnavigation: 2:06am

Arrive Campsite ~2:42am

Total Elapsed Time according to Matt's watch: 23:16 hours.