FKT: Matt Sparks - Duck River Trail (AL) - 2021-02-23

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Standard loop
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2h 47m 32s
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Duck River Trail is an amazing 19 mile single track loop set around a gorgeous lake on the outskirts of Cullman, AL. The trail today was a bit muddy, however the mud is what makes trail running all that more fun. Todays run was unsupported with 2 600ml soft flask, 2 500ml hard flask, 6 Gu Gels, and a bag full of gummy bears. Though the description of Duck River Trail is 18.50 miles the actually mileage is 19 miles almost exact ( don't assume the distance is 18.50 like I did). I started at the main trail head and looped my way around (counter-clockwise) like the original route followed and took the lower trail when I arrived at the sign given the option for the lower or higher trail. This was my first of many FKT to come.