FKT: Matthew De Witt - Sugar River State Trail (WI) - 2023-06-25

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 48m 7s

My FKT out and back, unsupported report! 

Stated my run on the Sugar River State Trail (WI) from Brodhead to New Glarus and back at 6:08am, on Sunday, June 25, 2023. I started at the Southern Terminus parking lot a block from Downtown. Ran the 0.77 miles to the rail to trail, which is a nice crushed gravel trail. Passed through Albany, Monticello (crossing the Badger State Trail), and to New Glarus. Then it was back to Brodhead.

There were WAY too many Deer Flies. So annoying!! I called this run The Deer Fly 50!

The weather cooperated greatly! The first half included a nice breeze most of the way. There were some open sections outside of the tree canopy that got quite hot in the sun. Thankfully, the second half, the wind speed picked up, switched directions slightly, and there was a much bigger increase in clouds. It was perfect!

It was a pretty quiet start, as I didn't see anyone on the trail until 2 miles to go to the turnaround in New Glarus. After seeing the first person on the trail, I saw a few dozen the remainder of the run. At a bathroom stop in Monticello, on the return, I had a short conversation with someone starting their bike ride. They were impressed with my attempt, and asked if I had ever run the races on the Badger State Trail. It was nice to meet someone familiar with ultra running. Back through Albany, at the Lions Club, next to the trail, there was a very large Car Show. There were a lot of awesome cars! 

I enjoyed all the bathrooms and drinking fountains along the way. I was able to refill my water bottles at every stop. I fueled with lots of GU Energy Gels, some trail mix, one mini MacroBar, and a pack of nut butter. My hydration included many tablets of Nuun Hydration and lots of cold tap water. 

After my finish back in Brodhead, I ran an extra 4.46 miles to finish with 50 miles for the day!