FKT: Matthew Logan - Chinook Pass Loop (WA) - 2020-08-08

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Standard route
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Total time
5h 27m 53s

- I missed the left turn to stay on the PCT where the PCT turns into the Naches Peak Loop. I backtracked back to the PCT and still completed the full route. 10 bonus minutes!

- This section of the PCT is pretty glorious, even if there weren't any huge views. Not sure if that was because of the location or the weather.

- The second half the Laughingwater Creek Trail descent is also pretty great. First half was pretty overgrown but still fun.

- That Eastside Trail climb up to Tipsoo lake is Brutal with a capital B. Some crazy steep sections in there, and pretty overgrown and rocky too. If I had to do it again I'm not sure I'd put that end of the run (though I'm not sure the beginning would make sense either).

- Despite that rough climb I think clockwise is still probably faster. The long gradual descents are key!

- Unsupported and unaccompanied. My girlfriend Noelle was with me at the start and finish but that's it.

- Thanks to the FKT team and previous FKTers for the inspiration! I had a wonderful time and might even go back to this route again.