FKT: Matthew Walker - Arcadia Mt Tom Trail (RI) - 2021-05-26

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
58m 37s
GPS track(s)

Attempted this on Tuesday 5/25, where I quit the attempt after turning around thinking I had gone off trail and losing momentum. Made sure to come back immediately for a retry. While I started 3 hours earlier than yesterday, the humidity was 93% and I was feeling sluggish on the warm-up. Definitely did not feel as fresh as the first attempt as I was 11 seconds slower through 2 miles while feeling worse. Felt really slow and sloppy on the technical ridge portion NB and wasn't feeling confident about running a good time. Was able to cruise again on the fast final mile of the trail and hit the turnaround around 29:40, just ahead of the FKT pace. I was worried about this given that I almost always run a 1-2 minute positive split which would cut it really close. Felt much smoother on the return and was able to run a slight negative split, aided by the net downhill going back. Last mile was tough with a few steep uphills and I twisted my ankle with a third of a mile to go. Finished in 58:37. Good effort overall, but some room for improvement.

Interesting trail, about 2/3 very fast, mostly flat and non-technical singletrack with the remaining 1/3 pretty technical, challenging and steep in spots.