FKT: Matthew Walker - Cockaponset Trail (CT) - 2020-06-21

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 9m 59s

Got 1 second faster on my watch but whatever. Easily my worst FKT performance so far. Was worried about the heat/humidity so wanted to go out pretty conservative. Felt solid and pace was great for the first two miles then I felt sluggish through 6 miles but the pace remained respectable except on the uphills which were a slog. When I got out to Jericho road (the second crossing) there were suddenly no Blue Blazes. I jogged around the area for a while, nearly giving up and abandoning my FKT pursuit before a lady showed up and gave me directions. The trail entrance was pretty overgrown so it was very hard to see and the lack of blue blazes over a wide intersection with several trails made this quite confusing, but it was the only poorly marked intersection of the day. Hit the turnaround in 1:02ish, having lost over 5 minutes due to this navigation blunder. Total heat exhaustion on the return, as I posted about an 8 minute positive split. Pace was a near jog since I felt so terrible, low point was walking up a steeper hill at mile 9 and pausing for a moment. Absolute sufferfest, weather app showed 81 degrees at finish with 91 real feel. So much time could be made up, I think I could run this 15-20 minutes faster in the right conditions.