FKT: Matthew Walker - Newport Cliff Walk (RI) - 2018-12-26

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
21m 23s

Ran the entirety of the Newport Cliff Walk during a tempo/workout in December to take the Strava Segment CR. Sunny, 28 degrees. Was cruising on the paved portion but was surprised that most of the second half was covered in rocky terrain that was difficult to run on. Effort increased there and paced slowed greatly. Got the strava segment by 15 seconds, so I think this should qualify as a fastest known time. Someone could definitely run this faster, and I likely could improve upon that time myself. Note that I ran this as a continuous activity, so the FKT time (21:23) was taken by cropping out the portion on the Cliff Walk which is seen on the Garmin Connect link. This is several seconds slower than the time shown in the strava segment (21:19), which is also posted a link to showing my entire run that day.