FKT: Matthew Walker - Newport Cliff Walk (RI) - 2019-12-26

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
20m 39s

Did the newport cliff walk as a tempo just like last year the day after Christmas. Never felt comfortable or smooth but never felt that bad either. Didn't feel dead until the last half mile and it went by much quicker, I'm sure knowing the route helped. It went as expected- fast on the early paved sections then slow and difficult on the jagged rocky sections towards the end (although a few staircases slowed the early miles a little). Felt pretty slow after the mile so pleasantly to see I took about 40 seconds off from last year. Approximate splits: 5:29/5:53/6:39 (didnt get last .4). Like last year, I kept this as a continuous activity, so the time is from cropping out the cliff walk section on my Garmin activity. The time (20:39) is consistent with the time from the strava segment (20:37) which covers the entirety of the route.