FKT: Matthew Walker - Richard Goodwin Trail (CT) - 2020-12-13

Route variation
one way
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Total time
1h 29m 22s
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1:29:22 for the one way FKT. Pretty pleased with the effort, was working hard for much of it and I felt that I ran pretty close to what I'm capable of it. Not quite the best conditions today with all the rain yesterday, but aside from some slippery rocks and 4-5 unavoidable puddles, there wouldn't be a big difference between times on a wet day and a dry one. Got out pretty hard and was able to maintain 6:30 or better pace through 8 miles which I was pleased with. Mostly non-technical single-track and some dirt roads (some in terrible condition, some in great condition) with most of the challenge coming from the rolling terrain. The last 5 miles were much harder and the pace took a hit, with much more technical terrain in Miles 9 and 10, and quite a bit more sharp turns as well. I actually briefly missed a few turns, but corrected them almost instantly so I lost very little time to that. Was pretty tired the last 3, but had the gift of some fast downhills which helped pick the pace up and feel a little smoother. My shoe came off around 10.5 in a large puddle with leaves at the bottom, might have lost around 10s there. I knew it would be really close as to whether or not I broke 1:30, but fortunately the last mile was net downhill and I was able to go sub-7 on it. I accidentally continued straight on a paved path past the parking lot off Baker Lane (12.7 miles in, very close to the finish), rather than going left on the Goodwin trail. This was a very brief section and I quickly reconnected back on the trail, but I technically did miss this short section (0.12 miles) of the trail. The difference in distance is so small (I ran 0.11, the trail would have been 0.12 according to Strava route builder), difference in time would only be about 5-10 seconds.