FKT: Matthew Walker - Sunapee Resort Loop (NH) - 2020-08-05

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43m 7s

71 degrees with 81% humidity at start, pretty nice for this time of the year since it's usually much hotter for a 10AM start. First half of ascent went pretty well, second half I found myself being cautious over somewhat technical terrain as the trail was very wet and my shoes don't have good traction. I reached the summit in 25:33, a little surprised that the ascent was pretty runnable as it never got extremely steep and there were several short flat sections that broke up the climbing. The route instantly goes from a steep uphill to a steep downhill on the service road at the summit which is interesting, there's usually some more level or gradual terrain inbetween. The service road was steep and pulled me down, a few sections where I felt out of control. Didn't really have much for the hard uphill road finish. Pleased with the effort overall. Maybe I could have been 30s faster on mile 2 with dry conditions as I tried hard to avoid on rocks or roots so I wouldn't fall, but that wasn't always the most convenient path. These shorter routes are a lot of fun.