FKT: Matthew Walker - Wachusett Mtn Loop (MA) - 2020-06-13

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
56m 17s
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Fun route, was worried about navigation coming in but ended up having no issues (trails are very well marked). Wanted to crack an hour (old FKT was 1:04:31) and I was well under so I'm pleased with the effort. Several unexpected extremely technical sections that were tough to run through. Effort felt much harder than the other FKTs I've done, not sure it was 100% all out but definitely a harder effort. Felt pretty good, tried to kick on the last road section. GPS seems a little off in the last few miles, I did stop exactly where I started and finished the loop. Hit the turnaround and tagged balance rock in roughly 25:45.


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Nice run Matthew! That always happens to me on the GPS track btw - I start and stop in the same spot but the map makes it look like I stopped short. Kind of annoying but at least I know it happens to other people too!