FKT: Matthew Walker - West Side Trail (ME) - 2021-05-21

Route variation
Standard Out-Back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 7m 9s
GPS track(s)

1:07:09 for the out and back FKT. Interesting trail, a mix of dirt trail through meadows and the woods with a short road section to cousin's islands. Not very technical or any big climbs (besides the hill in the last mile which was tough) but relentlessly twisty with small rollers which was exhausting on the return. So many road crossings on Cousin's Island. Pleased with consistent sub 7s (except last mile), felt good until the bridge on the way back. Not really my kind of trail but fun to explore this area. I messed up the turnaround a little and ran some extra distance since it isn't marked or clear at all.