FKT: Matthew Williams - Green Lake Circumnavigation (WI) - 2020-06-19

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3h 32m 27s

Very humid day with 90% at the start, not a cloud in the sky for the entire run. This was a fun route that I'd been contemplating for years. I had originally planned to do this unsupported, which is very doable, but I had some welcome company in my uncle and cousin who paced me on their bikes for 8 miles. I also stopped at a golf course concession stand for more water and a handful of ice which went straight into my shorts.

I wanted to provided some course notes for the next person:

  • Start/Finish: I started and ended near Beyers Cove but this being a loop, you could start anywhere. I also went counter-clockwise because I wanted to get the stretch on Hwy 73 out of the way.
  • After Mile 3, there is a spot where a very short trail connects N Lill to Nelson Rd. You won't find it on Google Maps but its definitely there, on the right of the road.
  • Around Mile 5 you'll pass a beach on the left, there are some restrooms here if needed.
  • After Mile 7 you hit a very steep hill and then another trail that connects Oakwood Beach Rd to Oakwood Avenue. There is large bell at the top of the trail that people can ring. Its super loud, you should ring it.
  • Just before Mile 10 you begin a 2 mile stretch that leaves the shore line. The reason for the detour is because the shoreline roads do not always connect.
  • At Mile 13.5 you jump on Hwy A for bit. This can be busy but there is enough room to run on the shoulder. I suggest running on the shoreline side.
  • Mile 16 takes you through the town of Green Lake and a few chances for supplies if needed.
  • Just after Mile 18 you get on a bike path that takes you to the Green Lake Conference Center and Lawsonia golf course.
  • Around Mile 21.5, pay attention to the unmarked Dirt Access Road, this will lead you to County Rd T and the home stretch back to the finish.