FKT: Mauricio Diaz Arellano Curts, Nils Arend - Todos Santos to Cabo Pulmo, Baja Sur Traverse - 2022-04-30

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1d 5h 17m 0s

We traversed the Baja Sur Peninsula from Todos Santos to Cabo Pulmo, going over Sierra La Laguna. The run can be divided into three sections, the first is from Todos Santos to the "skirt" of the Sierra La Laguna on the west side. This section is approximately 25 km on a wide dirt trail. A 4x4 vehicle can accompany and give support during this part. Then you arrive to the second section, which is the crossing of the Sierra La Laguna. This is an aprox. 35 km section of a single track technical trail. First you go up from 480 meters above sea level to 1770 meters above sea level in only 12 km. Then you cross the high section of the Sierra and then you start going down all the way until the Ranch San Dionisio. The crossing of the Sierra is the most challenging but also the most fun part of this adventure. From that ranch you can meet your support vehicle again all the way to the town of Santiago. The third section of this run is from Santiago until Cabo Pulmo. All of this remaining aprox. 80 km can also be supported with a vehicle. It's a wide dirt trail.