FKT: Max King - Crater Rim Trail (OR) - 2020-08-16

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 15m 25s

I decided it would be fun to do a whole 5 days of FKT attempts and this was my last one. Go big or go home! Some of the routes are just Strava Segments and a few are true FKT routes but the 5 days included: Mt Bachelor, Black Butte, Mt McLoughlin, Mt Thielsen, Crater Rim Trail. All in the Central Oregon area. It was a fun challenge but tough to keep hammering for 5 days that hard. 

The final day of the challenge was the Crater Rim Trail around the Newberry Crater. I felt good and ran well. I had to keep the pedal to the metal to get Justin's time but in the end came in at 2:15:25. It was an unsupported solo effort. Mario Mendoza was with me for the warm up but he ran on his own. 

I was happy with the overall effort as well. I came away with 5 new FKT's or Segment CRs from 5 tough ones from guys that have put up some fast times on these mountains. I'll submit a time for Mt McLoughlin as well since that's an FKT route.