FKT: Mead Binhammer - Skyline Loop - Waterville Valley - 2022-10-15

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
7h 33m 59s

Ouch. Super fun (and punishing) loop. Similar to the Pemi, but the long climbs and descents on this might make it even a bit more of a slog for the legs.

Today’s weather was great, but the rain the past two days made for slick rocks, high water crossings and a lot of running down stream beds. Not ideal for going fast, particularly with the leaves obscuring footing, but it sure made it eventful! A couple falls and some really slow descents on the technical sections off Osceola and the Pyramids - overall I can’t complain. Goal was to go under 8 hours, so I was pleased to see the finish a bit early.

I did this wholly unsupported - carrying all my gear and without any company - was very easy to fill water out there today! I highly recommend the route, and look forward to seeing some blazing fast times take it out of my reach. That being said, it would be fun to give it another go in dryer conditions. My legs will have to forget, first!