FKT: Meg Landymore - S.C.A.R. (TN, NC) - 2020-10-18

Route variation
Double S.C.A.R.
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
2d 3h 51m 26s
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I'd never been in the Smokies or on this part of the AT before I started. I started Nobo at Fontana 10/16/2020 and moved really well through the first 31 mi to Clingmans Dome. Weather was chilly but dry. Ended up getting off course here added a couple extra miles and lost about an hour. The first night out of Newfound gap brought freezing Temps. I moved well but was being really sleepy being so cold. Committed to a full 30 min warm up in the car (perks of supported) before headed Sobo from Davenport Gap. The entire day was  cold, fatigue was setting in, climbing was slow and descents weren't much better. At newfound this time I spent way too long but got everything prepped for the entire night. Great climb to Clingmans but questioned a sparsely marked area of the trail and back tracked a bit- added another half mile or so. Out of clingmans the wind was blowing like crazy - that lasted all night. I found so many more climbs than I had remembered in the final 30 mi. This was slow, painful and cold. The lazier I became with nutrition the deeper into the pain cave I dove. Finally made it to Fontana after endless descents and sprinted down the road to get to the finish line at sign. Amazing adventure with relentless trail. Huge thanks to an amazing crew! (Will do a more thorough write up asap)