FKT: Megan Massoni - Eagle Rock Loop (AR) - 2020-10-17

Route variation
Standard route
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Start date
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Total time
10h 10m 33s

Got in to camp at 1am Saturday 10/17/20, met up with my husband's cousin later that morning and the three of us got our start at 10:00am. Headed out counter clockwise from Winding Stairs trailhead. There was a group camping right at one of the first forks where the ERL splits off so did a little off-trail navigating but found our way back quickly enough. Gorgeous weather, couldn't have asked for clearer skies or better temps. First 13 miles went quick, then we entered the series of 6 peaks and valleys. Would be curious to do this the other direction just to see but feel like this was the best route overall. Clouds started rolling in that afternoon and some sprinkles but nothing serious. Had an in-bottle filter so was able to fill up flasks fairly regularly. Water levels were pretty low overall which made crossings nice. Only past the ankles with no rock-hopping alternatives the last two crossings. This is definitely no all-star attempt but noticed there wasn't a female supported on the board for the ERL and hopefully this is a great incentive for someone else to go out there and blow this time out of the water.This is a fantastic trail and don't say this often but would definitely look to go back and do this one again.