FKT: Meikael Beaudoin-Rousseau - Mount Diablo (CA) - 2021-03-04

Route variation
ascent from Mitchell Canyon via Eagle Peak
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
59m 53s
GPS track(s)

Psyched to have gotten this great segment under an hour! This may be my new favorite Bay Area single track trail, so fun and beautiful! Thank you to the hikers who kindly moved to the side and cheered me on as I barreled down eagle peak like a rogue bull. Hoping my effort inspires others to run this gorgeous route!


Just a note here, this one comes with a flag as Meikael utilized the road instead of the final portion of summit trail to reach the summit. The correct route is ~20s longer at this effort level, so for anyone interested in being the first sub-60, it's still out there.

Given Meikael, Tyler Wolfe (1:03 12/26/20), and Eddie Owens (1:03:03 11/29/20) have all set blazing fast times on the road variant, perhaps that should be a separate category here, though it seems odd to track a route with such a minor difference.