FKT: Michael Burke - Mt Assiniboine (BC, Canada) - 2021-07-03

Route variation
North Ridge, out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 31m 7s

Went for a speed ascent of Assiniboine's North Ridge on July 3.  To the best of my knowledge this is the FKT of the route using the Assiniboine Creek approach.  Under the right conditions (wet glacier, dry ridge) it makes for a superb day in the mountains.  Approximate splits and notes below...

1:00 Assiniboine Lake and filtered a liter of water.

2:45 Base of route.  Took a quick break, ate two gels and put on some running pants and windbreaker.

3:50 Alone on the summit.  Only one other party on the whole mountain.  Pretty warm out, could have just stayed in shorts and a sun shirt for the climb.

4:40 Base of the route, back into shorts and ate my last gel.

5:50 Back at Assiniboine Lake.  Wasn't planning to stop but it was getting hot and I was super thirsty so I filtered another liter of water.

6:31 Back at the trailhead.