FKT: Michael Burke - Mt Temple (AB, Canada) - 2016-08-07

Route variation
SW Ridge TH-to-TH
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
3h 21m 43s

On Sunday August 7, on my drive home to Vancouver, I stopped for a run up Mt Temple. I was inspired by the reports of other fast ascents (Tom Amaral, Will Gadd et al...) and these stories provided the inspiration I needed to try for a sub 4 hour run. This was my first time up Mt Temple and I was lucky to have great conditions on the mountain and excellent weather. My time may be the FKT although I have to wonder if some local runners have done it faster? With no minimum group size required on the trail to Sentinel Pass this year, and the route in very good condition, it's a perfect time to do a fast run.

Sentinel Pass: 55 minutes
Summit: 2 hours and 30 seconds, give or take a few seconds

Round trip, from the trailhead sign/kiosk in the parking lot: 3:21:43

Strava link here:

After tagging the summit I took the "summit photos" down below the snow line with a few guys that had hiked up. I ran solo/self supported and carried plenty of emergency gear including bear spray.

In my mind this is a perfect mountain run - a great combination of run-able terrain down lower and fun scrambling on the upper mountain, leading to the highest summit in the area. A sub 3 hour time is totally doable, especially for someone who is fast on the descents, so get after it!