FKT: Michael Daigeaun - Pinchot Trail (PA) - 2017-08-05

Gender category
Route variation
Standard route
Finish date
Total time
3h 47m 1s

I accomplished the entire Pinchot Trail in one big loop on 8/5/17 in a time of 3:47:01. The distance was less than the originally stated 26 miles. Upon arriving at the trailhead, DCNR had posted it was 23 miles. My GPS data seems to confirm this clocking in at 21.65 (expected variation due to running where I am covered by trees).

I wrote a small blog about if should you wish to read it.

Pinchot Trail - Recap

Or if you want the GPS track: 

Pinchot Trail - GPS

Someone should be able to trim this down. Hopefully, this inspires a few other folks to tackle this loop.