FKT: Michael L. Postaski - PATH NY/NJ - all stations (NY, NJ) - 2019-05-24

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Route variation
any route
Finish date
Total time
1h 43m 46s

On May 24, 2019 I ran unsupported from the Harrison PATH station to the 33rd St PATH station. I stopped at every PATH station in NJ along the way in this order: Harrison, Newark Penn Station, Journal Square, Grove Street, Exchange Place, Newport, and Hoboken. Next, I took the PATH from Hoboken to WTC. I then stopped at every PATH station in NY in this order: WTC, Christopher St, 9th St, 14th St, 23rd St, and finally 33rd St.

This was my timetable:
6:01:01 AM - Leave Harrison
7:09:28 AM - Arrive at Hoboken (top of stairs down to PATH), Run time: 1:08:27
7:13:12 - 7:23:02 - PATH train to WTC (scheduled 7:12 - 7:23)
7:25:10 AM - Depart WTC from West Concourse exit onto Hudson River Greenway
7:44:47 AM - Arrive at 33rd Street PATH station, Run time: 19:37

TOTAL time was 1:43:46
This includes transit time of 15:42 - from the top of the stairs down to the PATH in Hoboken to the exit from WTC onto Hudson River Greenway

I wanted to try this route again because it didn't sit right with me that I messed up the train connection last time, essentially giving away 8-10 minutes. I ran basically the same route with minor differences - actually a little bit slower but gained a lot of time with a better train connection. This time I arrived at Hoboken 2:32 before the scheduled 7:12 departure. The doors of the train actually closed at 7:13:12 (note- if the train would have left 1:12 later last week I would have had essentially a perfect connection). In any case, the train made up the time and arrived at WTC on time, I knew where to go this time so I saved another 2:00 getting out of the station compared to last time. In total I saved 9:06 in transit time from my last attempt.

This week I left at 6:01 compared to 5:47 last time. There was defintely more street traffic, even only 14 minutes later. I was running much faster in NYC this time, but I got hung up at a few traffic lights last time, where last time I didn't really get stuck anywhere. When it comes to commuting in the NYC metro area, via run or otherwise - earlier is better.

I stopped my watch incorrectly at 33rd Street - the map screen was open and sometimes I think it clears the last direction arrow instead of executing the button action. I stood around for a little bit before realizing it. The watch time was 19:51, but I adjusted to 19:37 based on where cadence went to 0 in the GPX file.