FKT: Michael Lesniak - Salt Creek Greenway Trail (IL) - 2020-05-31

Gender category
Route variation
one way
Finish date
Total time
3h 4m 31s
GPS track(s)

Since all the races this year have cancelled, my brother found this route and passed it to me as a challenge. The first half of Salt Creek starting in Brookfield is one of my regular routes. This was my first time running the full second half from York Rd to Bauman Ct and my first time running this distance unsupported.

I ran with a disposable plastic bottle that I held in my left and my handheld running bottle in my right. At about the halfway point I refilled my handheld and recycled the plastic bottle. While it felt pretty awkward running this way for the first half it was just the right amount of water.

The weather was perfect for a long run, mid 50s and breezy. I started in Brookfield at 6:20 am which was early enough that I didn’t see many people on the trail and nature was still very active. I saw a hawk take off with a squirrel and the usual sights of deer on the trail who just kind of stare at you as you pass them. I was met at the end with my family cheering me on. It was an all around beautiful day. Cheers to Michael J. Weicher, Alena Weicher and Mathew Williams for paving the way and adding helpful notes on the course.