FKT: Michael Loeffler - Point Reyes Loop (CA) - 2022-12-16

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7h 38m 53s
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Started just after 8am. Cold and frosty morning. 

I placed my calories and fluids in a ‘bear bag’ two weeks before at Alamere Falls off the trail but my unassisted effort was more challenging than I imagined. What a story. I was running hard and strong up until my 19 mile where my stash of calories and water seemingly vaporized off this earth without a single trace of it…as if I never placed it. I had no water for 1 1/2 hours. Considered bagging it. Briefly. Kept my cool. Made the decision to just let it go and let god so to speak. Kept my intensity up as best as I could. Rationed my fluids with prolonged swishing and prayed for a stream or clean water source. Had some cramps and had back up calories which were a god send. Lost a lot of time seeking water sources but all the water sources were too muddy. After the last climb, I found a creek (and paid for it with poison oak :-) ) at mile 28 used my BeFree filter and somehow I still scrapped it together and I’m proud I finished though added a few extra miles due to my water searching.

One of the most beautiful trail loops I’ve ever run. I hope others consider running it too but stash your cache better than me! 


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Hey Michael, great work! I'm probably heading out to have a fun run in March on this route. Any tips?