FKT: Michael Moore - Broken Top Loop (OR) - 2021-09-01

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3h 17m 27s
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Started the Broken top loop trail at Tam McArthur Rim trailhead just after 8am going clockwise. It was a cold morning in the 40's when I started but warmed up pretty quickly.  The first 5 miles are definitely the hardest with the most elevation gain and some technical traversing around broken hand. I would recommend scoping that area out first before attempting an FKT as it was very easy to lose the trail and end up unnecessarily scrambling over rocks. It was a clear day out there with amazing views all the way out to Mt. Jefferson. I luckily was not stopped by any rangers to slow my overall time down, but definitely bring your permits! Highly recommend this trail for anyone looking for a tough and scenic FKT.