FKT: Michael Popov - Tahoe Rim Trail (CA) - 2011-09-24

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Total time
2d 15h 54m 4s

Aaron Sorenson made an attempt at the unsupported FKT on the TRT in July 2009. He ran counter-clockwise from Tahoe City, and covered 64 miles in the first 24 hours, but stopped at mile 67 at Big Meadows. A hiker who wishes to remain anonymous here got the first real unsupported FKT when he did the route in 85h47m50s on July 27-30, 2010. His previously available detailed trip report has been removed. "I carried all food on back that I needed, never resupplying for the distance of the trip," the hiker said. "I also only used natural water sources forcing me to have to carry water for 35 miles on the east side from Dagget Creek near Heavenly to Marlette Peak Campground. Didn't accept any handouts from other hikers either (not that any where offered). When I did the math for my data book of the TRT I came up with a mileage of 168.6? I am guessing the 165 is a nice round # but not accurate? My calculations show that to be a pace of 46.8 miles a day. Slept for only 10hrs during the full 86hrs and was coming apart at the end. I couldn't have gone another day at that pace." This record may have been broken by Michael Popov just about 1 month later (Aug. 29 - Sept. 1, 2010). Apparently Popov's Facebook page said that he did the trail unsupported in 77h13m. However, we have no trip report or details on Popov's trip & no confirmation from Popov himself (who is tragically now deceased), so we consider this information unreliable at this time. Popov reported a new unsupported FKT of 63h54m4s, set September 22-24, 2011.