FKT: Michael Reese - Flatirons Linkups (Boulder, CO) - 2021-10-25

Route variation
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 2m 25s

Crazy evening! Happy to beat my time from last year. 
-run up to second felt relaxed at 9:14, no fatigue/lactic acid. Uphill running coming along 
-happy with splits on first and third, 10:15 and 6:55
-better beta connecting first and third from knowledgeable individuals  
-rock clear of parties 
-200th lap on first
-fell hard connecting first and third and bruised right ribs. Took a while to catch breath and trot prob wasting 1min 
-run down from third: how did I go so slow on that haha, maybe cautious from previous fall or a little dark 
To second: 9:14
Summit: 18:55 (9:41 scramble)
Base of First: 23:45 (4:50 total connection)
Summit First: 34 (10:15 scramble)
Base of third: 40:05 (1:15 dc, 4:50 run) 
Summit Third: 47 (6:55 scramble) 
Totem pole: 62:25 (3:35 dc, 11:50 run)

Feel solid on uphills, scrambles, and downclimbs, but def need to focus on downhill running for connections and finish. Makes sense bc I have only been doing it a lil over a year. Still may have been able to swing 45:xx to summit of third if not for fall and a little better connection efficiency then squeal down to break 60. I feel like I could improve more on ups, but downhill is where the time is to be made. A fun challenge!