FKT: Michael Wirth - Robinson Mountain (WA) - 2023-05-23

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
4h 18m 47s

Training run turned FKT. This route can go sub 4:00. Who's gonna come get it? 

I opted to gain the ridge earlier than typical attempts from others due to early season conditions - i.e. taking the solar exposed slopes to the ridge. Then stayed ridge proper to Robinson which yielded some very fun 3rd and 4th class scrambling. Some technical maneuvers when staying ridge proper and avoiding the scrappy ledges - which were snow filled this time of year. Encountered a bit of frosted lichen covered rocks towards the top which was fun and engaging. 

A beautiful ridge with beautiful creeks, flowers, and a bear to say hello on the way!

Ran in La Sportiva Kaptiva 

Drank 2X 320 Maurten and consumed 4 Maurten 100 gels