FKT: Michelle Ayrton - Epping Forest Challenge Walk (UK) - 2021-05-13

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3h 21m 16s

I guess the clue was in the name, but goodness that was tough! Having studied the bits of the route that were new to me, I managed to miss a turn on the section I’ve done dozens of times. Reading Thomas Beedell’s notes, I too was curious about Yardley Hill: not the path onto it but the exit route. I managed to sneak a peak at John Merrill’s original map in the local book shop, which confirmed the u-shaped loop off there as unnecessary. Photo of the map attached and highlighted. Breaches Barns is still a bit of a mess, so I’m glad I did a recce otherwise I’d have wasted precious time and energy trying to find the way through. Another couple of weeks and the nettles in that section will be most unpleasant! Torrential rain hit just as I was climbing back up to the forest from Copped Hall, but knowing my car was a couple of miles away spurred me on. Will be back to better this time as training progresses.