FKT: Michelle Goldberg - Allegrippis Trails (PA) - 2023-05-20

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7h 21m 39s

This was my first time on the Allegrippis trails - I decided to run the route while on a camping trip at Raystown Lake. Followed Clayton Bouchard's route exactly, taking all left turns around the outer trails of the full Allegrippis Trail system. Started at Susequehannock parking lot around 9 AM on a Saturday and navigated the route using the downloaded course on my Garmin watch. I ended up with almost 32 miles and 3800+ feet of elevation gain. I stopped at my car after the first 17 miles and refilled my water bottles, then kept on truckin'. The trails were busy with mountain bikers in the first half of the run and I had to jump to the side and wait for them to pass several times (sometimes groups of 5-10 bikes). Did not see another runner all day long, and there were fewer bikes in the later afternoon when the rain started just after 2 pm. The rain became steady enough that it made the trails a bit slippery and muddy by the end. It was fun to see so many different trails and parts of the park. It was incredibly scenic, with spectacular views of the lake and sections of super dense trees and foliage. There were a lot of quick up and down climbs, tight single track, rocky technical parts, and twisty turny sections. Also many flowy and smoother sections, and a few really good climbs that slowed me down. Old Logger's Trail and the OLT loop were unique, since neither were open for bikes. They were somewhat overgrown but beautiful, and included some of the steepest downhill sections. Now that I know the trail system and have a much better sense for the route and terrain, I think I could do this again and shave some time off. I will definitely be back to run these trails!!