FKT: Michelle Martin - Clingman's Dome, Appalachian Trail (NC, TN) - 2021-08-29

Route variation
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Start date
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Total time
1h 59m 8s

I started a few seconds after 9:50am from Newfound Gap trailhead going SOBO on the Appalachian Trail. This effort was unsupported as I brought all the food/equipment I needed and only took water from a natural spring around mile 3 and the same spring around mile 12. I ascended (and descended at times) the 7.6 mile trail from Newfound Gap to Clingman’s Dome. After it was apparent there was no way I would be besting Luke Bollschweiler’s record, I set my sights on at least finishing the ascent sub 2 hours. And just barely did so! I had a blast, this was my first FKT attempt and really wasn’t sure how I would do. I let Luke know ahead of time about my plans and he was encouraging. Once I got to the top of Clingman’s I turned off the Strava tracking on my phone and sat down. Then I got up and took the selfie to help provide evidence. I also had Strava running on my watch so I could track my attempt for the up&down FKT record, which I will submit my data next.


thank you