FKT: Michelle Miller - Seneca Creek Greenway Trail (MD) - 2020-12-12

Route variation
one way
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Total time
4h 26m 29s
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I began this attempt just after sunrise on a very foggy and muggy morning in December. The temperatures were perfect, though, ranging from 43 to about 50 degrees. To get started, I had to squeeze through the locked fence. I barely made it! If you can't get through, you can run around the outside of the fence and enter via the baseball fields. The course itself was a bit muddier than expected, probably due to the humidity from the night before. There is no easy way to cross the river at mile 5.5 and so you should expect wet shoes if there has been any rain in the recent past (it had rained over a week ago... and I ended up with wet shoes). The newly redone section of trail after Watkins Mill is also a bit of a mess if it's been wet. Expect a lot of mud and some slower going! After crossing Riffleford, be sure to stay right at the fork to head to the Pepco Trail. At the intersection of the Pepco Trail, hang a left to stay on the Greenway as the trail marker indicates. This is the correct current route for the Greenway. Other than these additions, not much else to report. It was a lovely morning on the trails getting to experience the fun of a point to point route traversing the county.