FKT: Mikayla Monroe, Alison Monroe - Chelan Butte (WA) - 2022-09-24

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1h 31m 12s
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Our family is on vacation and I thought it would be fun if my sister and I attempted this route since there have been no women’s times posted in the 3 years since this route was created. This summer I was inspired by the Women Who FKT project and ran a couple FKTs. This was my sister’s first FKT!

Total elevation gain for us was 2,707 feet over 2.5 miles. The first mile of the hike we gained about 1,600 ft of elevation then once we got up and connected to the ridge trail climbed another 1,100 ft but at a faster pace. Any hill along the ridge felt like a breeze after going straight up the side of the mountain!

It was a beautiful and challenging hike. When we got up to the ridge we could see the Columbia River on the other side as well as the gorgeous view of Lake Chelan.

What was funny is that there were mini-hydroplane races down on the Riverwalk Park. As we were climbing and starting to feel a little more remote on the trail, we were laughing as we still heard those LOUD mini hydroplanes from down below.

I would not recommend going back down the same route...but it is do-able if you go slow.

Also do note that this trail is fully exposed to the elements. Once you get up along the ridge there is occasional shade from trees but otherwise you are in the sun. Felt good to us because it wasn’t 90+ degrees F today. Thankfully we did not see or hear any snakes.