FKT: Mike Duff - South Bucks Way (United Kingdom) - 2021-07-03

Route variation
one way
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 22m 58s
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Took the train out to Wendover and used the walk up to the starting point as a gentle warm up. Very muggy conditions and some very overgrown sections added to the challenge. I set out with a target of 3:30 and fell a bit behind pace early on but gradually picked it up despite a few minor wrong turns and by half way I was slightly ahead of schedule. The second half was tough as the humidity and pace started to take their toll but I wasn't slowing as much as I had expected. The last 5k or so were a case of hanging in there which I just about managed to do. In the end I was good bit under my target but I think someone could definitely take a good chunk off of that time. The jog to West Ruislip station was a very slow one - not much left in the tank - but really enjoyed the route and might have another crack at it.