FKT: Mike Siudy - Catskill 9 (NY) - 2014-05-18

Route variation
Catskill 9
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
5h 33m 10s

Well after 2 years and as many knee surgeries, I figured I'd give this another shot. I used the same route as last time, starting and ending in Denning PA. It was a perfect day weather was nice and cool, no bugs, no more snow, but after a couple of days of heavy rain, the trails everywhere were wet and muddy, even the woods were muddy in places. I took a big chunk off my previous time, running the loop in 5:33:10. Here are my splits:

1. Table 54:17
2. Peekamoose 1:03:44
3. Lone 1:29:29
4. Rocky 1:55:31
5. Balsam Cap 2:26:45
6. Friday 2:55:21
7. Cornell 3:40:08
8. Wittenberg 3:51:43
9. Slide 4:42:01
Car 5:33:10

and my GPS track log

I think I'm done on this one, not sure I can go much faster. Most of the time I made up was on the bushwhack with better navigation, the knees just can't take any faster running on the trails.