FKT: Mike Ward - Superior Hiking Trail (MN) - 2016-09-09

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8d 7h 59m 0s

Mike Ward, from Duluth, Minnesota, completed a thru-hike of the entire Superior Hiking Trail, from the 270 Degree Overlook near the Canadian Border south to the Wisconsin border in 8 days, 7 hours, and 59 minutesThe distance is about 310 miles and took place between September 1-9, 2016.

This trip was unsupported, meaning no resupplies, no food drops, no town visits, no outside support or aid of any sort, and water gathered from natural sources only. 

The splits are:

Day 1: Thursday, September 1: 270 Degree Overlook to South Little Brule River – 34 miles
-11:22:30. Started 8:39am, finished 8:01pm
Day 2: Friday, September 2: South Little Brule River to North Cascade River – 32 miles
-10:54:33. Started 7:35am, finished 6:29pm
Day 3: Saturday, September 3: North Cascade River to Springdale Creek – 30.5 miles
-10:31:52. Started 7:03am, finished 5:34pm
Day 4: Sunday, September 4: Springdale Creek to East Branch Baptism River – 33.3 miles
-11:14:50. Started 6:52am, finished 6:06pm
Day 5: Monday, September 5: East Branch Baptism River to Penn Creek – 32.3 miles
-11:48:36. Started 7:11am, finished 7:00pm
Day 6: Tuesday, September 6: Penn Creek to Crow Creek – 35.2 miles
-11:52:59. Started 6:46am, finished 6:39pm
Day 7: Wednesday, September 7: Crow Creek to Big Bend – 30.6 miles
-10:31:46. Started 6:52am, finished 5:24pm
Day 8 pt 1: Thursday, September 8: Big Bend to Sucker River Shelter on State Trail – 9.2 miles
-3:06:13. Started 12:03am, finished 3:09am
Day 8 pt 2: Thursday, September 8: Sucker River Shelter on State Trail to Bagley Campground – 24.4 miles
-8:36:12. Started 7:28am, finished 4:04pm
Day 9: Friday, September 9: Bagley Campground to Wisconsin Border – 46.5 miles
-13:03:39. Started 3:35am, finished 4:38pm

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