FKT: Mike Wardian - Virgin River Narrows (Zion NP, UT) - 2021-05-30

Route variation
up to Big Spring and back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 36m 41s

I ran a pretty incredible route in Zion National Park called "The Narrows".  This is a classic route that goes from the bus stop, through rocks, water, with running, scrambling and some swimming to Big Spring.  You pass through "Wall Street" which is sheer rock walls.  I had a blast and really enjoyed it.

If you go during the summer, I was there on Memorial Day Weekend and I had been thinking of doing "Angels Landing" but it was too crazy/crowded so choose "The Narrows". 

If you do this route, I highly recommend hiking poles or a stick.  I found a stick at the start of the water section and I used it almost the entire run...I would also suggest a "dry bag".  I got there on the 3rd shuttle so there were not too many people ahead of me but on the way back I probably passed 300 hundred was insanely busy.

I didn't need much water but have a "dry bag" would have been great to keep my Iphone safe and anything you didn't want to get wet.

I highly recommend and think that someone can go much faster and I think if I had a "dry bag" I would have been about 10 mins quicker.  I also stopped and snapped some pictures and took a selfie.

I hope this helps and so stoked we can get this listed.