FKT: Mike Wood - Trinidad Head Loop (CA) - 2020-04-26

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laps in 24 hours
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Total time
19h 5m 18s

FKT for 100km of laps on Trinidad Head.

I ran the loop sixty-two times for a total of 100K distance. I also made two trips to the parking lot below. I did not count the mileage to the parking lot, but did count the time. I recorded my mileage three ways: With a Suunto 9 watch; with the Strava app on my phone; and with a Sharpee (one hash mark on my arm per loop). Strava gave me 21,759' of elevation gain and the Suunto gave me 13,064'. My Nike altimeter watch shows 250' of elevation gain per loop so I consider the actual elevation gain to be 15,500'. I have previously run this loop hundreds of times, but never more than 31 loops at a time.
I lugged a one gallon jug of water to the highpoint of the loop on my first loop. I was wearing a race vest and had ten pounds of weight I was carrying including running poles.
Previous record of 34 loops (set in December, 2018) was held by Troy Allen.
I should have a trip report in the next issue of the Six Rivers Running Club newsletter.
I was also using this as a virtual race in place of the cancelled Canyons 100K