FKT: Miki Neant - London Underground Circle Line (United Kingdom) - 2021-01-05

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2h 9m 34s
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My first FKT attempt of 2021. Happy New Year!

As we all are under 3rd lockdown here in the UK, it is tough for everyone. I do hope you are all fine and safe, everyone in this community and beyond, here in London and extending to all parts of the world. The ultra races I signed up for in January (the Country to Capital and Rainbow run 50KM for NHS charity) have both been postponed.. though I still appreciate having the ability to run outdoors and even find new challenges in London.

Thank you Mark for submitting this challenge (some of us requested ;) Reading all the fun facts about the many tube stations from absolutely made my run more enjoyable. 

I started/ended at Great Portland Street Tube Station, which only has one pair of tracks despite having three lines run through it -makes it one of the most intensely used parts of the is convenient to switch from/to the Circle/Hammersmith&City/Metropolitan lines here. This is one of the closest stations where I can use the Circle Line for me, and naturally this became the point of start and finish. 

It was dark and cold! Rain made my socks well soaked and froze my toes. Alright.. it wasn't that dramatic. I enjoyed it!!  All the traffic lights, so many navigation errors cumulatively clocked up. Oh one last note, you get to see Banksy on the way! I surely will challenge this again with my friend super Kelly later!