FKT: Miki Neant - Ogaki-Hachiman-Shrine to Yoro-Waterfall (Japan) - 2021-02-24

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2h 2m 39s

Although it is approved on 27 February, I run and created this route on 24 February. 
Starting the adventure from Ogaki Hachiman shrine, first I purified myself at the fountain inside the Shrine - the ritual, then I sent prayers for a good year, good health, love, peace and harmony. 
Let’s go!  
Running along Suimon river, not yet blooming cherry trees, Bashō museum, Sumiyoshi lighthouse, Masu-ya (famous artisan creating wooden square sake goblets), then reaching the point to separate from the river bank towards Yoro mountain.  
I have decided to go through Shirayama Shrine, Yoro park and it’s artistic place -Tenmei hanten chi (site of Reversible Destiny) before reaching the uphill trail to Yoro-Waterfall. 
It is truly beautiful here!  

On the way down, I enjoyed eating Mitarashi  Dango and Yoro cider in the sunshine.  
then I missed the train back.. ;)